When I studied Latin we learned this famous phrase Veni Vidi Vici.  Julius Caesar sent these words back to the Roman Senate when he had a rapid victory in a battle that only lasted five days. He later said Et Tu, Brute meaning And You (too), Brutus (while being assassinated) noticing the betrayal of Brutus.

When I reflect on this past year I see several scenarios:

  1. Came – (Veni = I came)
    The desire came and I set out to accomplish it.  These opportunities came our way. Curve-balls not only came but also pandemics and lost loved ones happened. Containers piled up and shipping delays happened worldwide. Stress and anxiety soared amongst both young and old.
  2. Saw – (Vidi = I saw) 
    These opportunities in retrospect, looked realizable.  I saw their potential as if they were already completed.  I saw successes as well as long delays.  I saw hopes shattered as well as dreams fulfilled. Businesses flourished while others folded.
  3. Conquered – (Vici = I Conquered)
    I faced obstacles just as many of you did this year. David the shepherd boy did, but he conquered Goliath, the biggest foe under very difficult circumstances.  This year my friends conquered obstacles as well.  Some conquered cancer some did not. Together we have a brighter 2022, even with some unresolved obstacles.

Just as Julius Caesar said Veni Vidi Vici, then you too must reflect on the challenges ahead.

  • As you come and as you go, reflect and learn
  • As you see and now you saw, let us reflect and gain insight

Obviously, it’s easy for one to say I came I saw I conquered after the fact.

However, it’s another thing to say I came I saw and I learned while going through the struggles of life and became stronger “through it all”. This phrase reminds me of the song Through It All sung by the great musician and singer, Andrae Crouch. I had to opportunity to be at one of his concerts decades ago.

One thing I can say – I came – I saw and I’ve learned to appreciate the friends and family that have surrounded me over the many years. So, this year, look at your logistics obstacles (LTL issues, Fuel Surcharges, AIR and OCEAN rate increases, delays, shortages and more…) as opportunities in the coming year. Call us – even if it’s for encouragement. Sometimes the best relief is to talk it out with a good listener !

Finally, we wish you a very Happy New Year and pray that your dreams (and obstacles) will take you down a path of appreciation for the little things in life as you work at conquering the new challenges of 2022.