Well, it’s that time of the year again and in one week from today on February 10th, the Chinese New Year will start !   The Year of the Dragon 2024

Here are some interesting things to know about the Chinese New Year 

  • About 20% of the whole world will celebrate this one
  • It’s also called the Lunar New Year and Spring Festival
  • Money gifts are given cash is king (usually in a Hong Bao a Red Envelope)
  • Each year is a different animal
  • This year it’s the Dragon
  • Celebrations continues by praying and other festivities 
  • It’s the longest holiday in the year
  • Dumplings are everywhere (these are my favorites !)
  • It’s a HUGE time for family and rest (if you can sleep with fireworks non-stop)

Historically, this origin of the Chinese Calendar (Lunar-Solar) is about 2697 BC.  It is linked to a somewhat mystical figure of the Huang Di Emperor.  Later, the Shang dynasty and the Zhou dynasty made some reforms to it in the 14th and 7th century BC respectively. 

If you get a chance to celebrate it nearby, it’s always a lot of fun.  I have had the privilege of celebrating Chinese New Year in Taiwan and I must say the fireworks were absolutely spectacular.  Loud too !  The food is abundant and everyone is in a festive PARTY mode !  Food finds its way into every office building too.

Another spectacular part and quite impressive to see is the massive amounts of lights and creativity that go into these celebrations.  From fireworks to buildings lighting up with specially programmed LEDs you can’t miss it.

So, wherever you are on February 10th this year, enjoy the time with friends and family and good food.

Plan ahead not only in anticipation of shipping delays, but also ordering hotels, food, and basic travel.

Oh by the way, if you need to order special baked goods, may I suggest you do that now and not wait until Friday the day before ! 

Enjoy and don’t forget to get some Red Envelopes “Hong Bao” and stuff it with cash and bless someone with it !!   

God bless you as we enter into a New Year – again !