If you haven’t heard Israel and Iran been in the news regarding the Iranian nuclear facilities and whether or not there will be an outbreak of war. The shipping experts all say that this could cause further delays in international shipping.

From a shipping perspective any war or even rumors of war in the Middle East usually causes shipping disruptions and oil prices tend to skyrocket.  As a result fuel prices go up, ocean shipping rates go up as well as parcels, pallets and letters.

With already high prices in international shipping we don’t need an additional increase in price due to the fuel instability in the Middle East.

With excessive port congestion worldwide we’re struggling just to get containers offloaded in a timely fashion and onto the road system. So, plan ahead and allow plenty of time as we continue on in 2022.

Now, we have Chinese New Year which starts tomorrow February 1st

Asia is already celebrating it’s new year and we can expect a bit of delays due to the national holiday.

Chinese New Year has always been fascinating to me in that it’s such an enormous celebration.  I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese new year when I lived in Taiwan.

Here are some details:.  

  • This is the year of the Tiger
  • Chinese New Year is on a different day each year
  • Lunar Cycle for the dates are used
  • It’s a different animal each year
  • It’s also called the Spring Festival
  • Children like it because they receive red envelope$ with lot$ of money inside. 
  • For workers it’s a 15 day celebration
  • It’s a great time for food, fun, friends and family
  • The festival ends up with a big celebration.  They call it the Lantern Festival
  • People will release all types of flying lanterns heaven bound

It’s quite beautiful if you’ve never seen it before.  I’m sure you can find lots of videos online.   So whether you celebrate it or not here are a few facts about this magnanimous event.

The year of the Ox (2021) is gone and the Year of the Tiger is now upon us in 2022 !

Happy New Year everybody !!!!

Finally, we wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year and pray that your dreams of 2022 come true.