Modes of Transportation

Truck – LTL

Are you spending too much time calling and waiting for quotes on LTL pallet rates? Let DGL Logistics book an LTL (USA and Canada). We handle custom orders that need a real human on the phone for both import & export shipments.


“What would it cost if I shipped by Air?”  Have you ever asked this question?  With DGL Logistics, you can get an AIR rate immediately. Save time and eliminate wasted time comparing rates for those critical urgent USA and International shipments.  Ship overnight letters, documents, parcels, packages, pallets, boxes, crates, heavy freight, and cargo.  We offer services to over 200 countries and territories worldwide. It’s efficient, fast and reliable!


How long it takes to ship by Ocean ?  How do I book a container?  How do I arrange a truck to pick it up and deliver to the port?  At DGL Logistics we offer custom services and handle all the paperwork for your Ocean shipments.  Containers are used for large and heavy shipments usually not available by Air. Ocean is able to accommodate extra long and bulky cargo not suitable for other methods of shipment.  It is economical and a very cost effective method of transport for non urgent needs.  We even handle inland freight to and from the ports.  Contact us for an Ocean quote.

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