Hickory Dickory Dock…

Do you remember this nursery rhyme? Hickory Dickory Dock the mouse went up the clock. The clock struck one.  The mouse went down. Hickory Dickory Dock…

I know some of you are humming this in your mind – If you did, email me with a note and we’ll mail you a FREE 2022 Calendar (The first 25 get a calendar as long as we have them available)

This rhyme uses alliteration to teach children to tell time.

Well, the clock at the DOCK is ticking !  (Containers, Cargo, Pallets etc…)

While ‘Dock’ seems to be a big word today, so much uncertainty is swirling around as we enter the month of December.  Docks everywhere are so overloaded it’s amazing!

If you’re in Vancouver, Canada then the threatened strike is already causing issues in one of the two ports there.  The truck drivers are seeking health and dental benefits – can you blame them? 

Still about 120+ drivers at Prudential Transportation plan to strike beginning this Friday. This will cause a big disruption for Canada‘s largest maritime facility unless an agreement is reached.  Time will tell as the clock strikes one. (Hickory Dickory Dock)

Add this to the political instability in the Middle East, talks in Vienna, the long debated nuclear deal with Iran, Israel, Russia, and the Crimean Peninsula and you get quite a scenario as we approach the Christmas rush !  Oh, did I mention the Omicron variant of the CORONA virus?

If you’ve done any type of shipping recently you understand what FSC stands for:

  • Fuel Surcharge
  • If the Middle East sees a disruption then you can expect Fuel to go even higher now as we approach winter. 

So where does this bring us to?   As many have asked what do we do ? Even more challenges are ahead with potential fee$ and fine$ on late “containers”.

You’ve heard the expression ‘plug and play’.  Well, I say plug and PRAY !

Now that the calendar has turned to December, we advise our clients the following:

For International Shipments:

  • Provide Commercial Invoices (3 copies is usually enough)
  • Include extra Air Way Bills (AWB) inside the parcels or pallets
  • Take pictures of parcels and note the dimensions and special markings
  • Insure your parcel – it’s worth it
  • Document where and when it shipped from (drop box etc)
  • Keep an extra list of contents (Packing Lists)
  • Set up auto advice via email when shipping (to track it)
  • Call us if you’re not sure ! It’s worth the time to double check

For Domestic Shipments:

  • Plan way ahead to avoid shipping delays
  • Get ahead and anticipate
  • Ship ahead and allow time for delays and wrong addresses
  • Always include the recipient’s phone number on the shipping documents. Use your own if none is available.
  • Oh- stay ahead !
  • Insure it – Remember Ship Happens !

Please SEND your shipments out as soon as possible.  

Delivering anything gets more and more difficult as each and every day goes by.

Oh and don’t forget to encourage the people in your shipping department. Thank the Postal workers when you go to the US Post Office.  Thank the truck drivers that deliver your packages, parcels, pallets and freight.  They have a hard job and a lot of stress going on to deliver all these items.  Thank Everyone – smile –it’s contagious! Thank those in the various Port Authorities. Thank those at the Port of Los Angeles & Long Beach, the Port of Houston, TX, the Port of Charleston, SC and Wilmington, NC to name a few.

Thank your in-house and dock workers, drop them a note and tell them you appreciate the work they’re doing. Remember they are human, they have families too and they’re trying to do their jobs under really stressful circumstances.

As we finish up the year and get ready for a new year we wish you well.  Be thankful especially after we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the states.   

Please, don’t let the stress of shipping delays rob your joy.  None of this will matter 5 years from now! Most shipments will get there eventually, if not, that’s what insurance is for.  We made it through 2020 and are almost done with 2021.

Remember the saying “And this too shall pass”?  So, relax and enjoy your family. Click the link to see a great article on this theme.

Again, we are thankful for our clients and friends both near and far.  Some of you are overseas and we wish we could see you in person.  We wish you a great December and are grateful for all of our friendships not only in the USA but also Internationally. We also mourn for those who lost loved ones recently. It’s been a hard year couple of years in that respect.

Keep in touch and let us know how you handle the DOCK delays and stress. Remember, the mouse went up the clock and time is ticking but it doesn’t mean you need to turn into a pumpkin at midnight !

Enjoy the weekend coming up as we approach the last month of the year.