If you watched the interview with Harry and Meghan like the rest of the world then you probably know what’s going on.  If you didn’t, then you can search the web and find out. Basically they left the royal family and put their family first.

I can’t blame the young couple with a little baby boy and another girl on the way for wanting the privacy and the freedom to raise their family without such pressure. It’s a Royal Pain !

Harry knows all too well the pressure his Mom was under many years ago.  He didn’t want history to repeat itself. As Meghan stated, the pressure was tremendous and unbearable.

During the interview the young couple mentioned they didn’t have a plan.  Fortunately they were able to stay with some friends. They got security and protection for the young family and had time to figure out what was their next step.  They needed security because their royal security was dropped after they “exported” as a family to Canada and then to the USA.

The same goes for shipping and logistics.  You need to have a plan on how you going to process your exports and domestic shipping.  You might not be as fortunate as this young couple to have friends that will let you stay at their home until you figure out a plan. Exporting and Importing both require planning.

The shipping lanes are continually getting more and more congested. The availability of certain products takes longer due to COVID-19, so you’ll need to plan way ahead.   Right now maritime shipping from Asia is more than two months delayed to the West Coast of the USA. Read our article on why the huge delays and how to avoid them.

If you are relying on products coming from overseas be prepared to wait a lot longer. Otherwise you’ll have to fly it in and pay a premium.  Premium just got a RAI$E – a big one!

Don’t wait – plan ahead and take care of your business and family just as Meghan and Harry did.  It’s well worth sacrificing less important things for a better future.

There are some things in life that are more important than money.  Protect your Family first and leave the shipping and logistics to us. Avoid the ru$h, Contact us. Oh, you’ll have to plan with one less hour as we change our clocks (ahead) in the USA on Sunday, March 14th at 2:00 am. Yes, it’s Daylight Savings Time (DST) – again – Spring Forward and Fall Backward. Let us forward your freight.