This year we need to move from the Year of the Rat to the New Year – The Year of the Ox.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and a better 2021. Take some time and enjoy your friends and family near and far. Remember, each year passes and we all get 1 year older. Call a friend even if it’s not their new year.

Chinese New Year starts this Friday on Feb 12th, but for those on the East Coast of the USA – we need to congratulate our friends in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and the other parts of Asia now, as they are 13+ hours ahead. Australia is 16 hours ahead – Wow !

If you are shipping from Asia then plan on delays to US Ports. Contact us if you need assistance during this Chinese New Year. We can help you navigate through the Ocean Freight dock delays and advise you with shipping options. COVID-19 still has caused delays from other parts of the world, so keep this in mind and plan ahead especially if you’re shipping by Ocean.

Also, on February 10th, in North Carolina 11 businesses and 2 partners received Awards. Click here for more info on the awards.

Congratulations again to our North Carolina recipients of the Governor’s Export Awards. We all made it through another year. Be thankful.

Happy New Year to you all – near and Far. Stay well and keep shipping !