RF & Microwave Test Equipment

We supply test and measurement instrumentation from DC to RF and Microwave frequencies.  We source Spectrum Analyzers, Synthesized Signal Generators, Vector Network Analyzers, Pulse Power meters, Antenna Analyzers, Traditional Power meters as well as portable handheld instrumentation for field technicians.  We will source it and ship it to you at a discount worldwide!

Test & Measurement Instrumentation Meters. Server Replacement Power Supplies and components.

Featured Products

RF and Microwave Pulse Power Meters

Sample Rate 1GS/s and 65 MHz of Video BW
Coverage to 50 GHz
Pulse, Wideband and Thermal Sensors

Synthesized Signal Generators

HF, VHF, UHF, RF and Microwave
100KHz to 70 GHz (Single Output)
External Multipliers to > 500 GHz

Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs)

Satellite, Defense and Microwave
Broadband Communication
150 KHz to 92 GHz

Spectrum Analyzers

Land Mobile Radio
Base Station
Cable and Antenna (handheld) 40GHz

Precision Components / RF Power Indicator

Attenuators, Power Dividers & Splitters
RF detectors & USB Power Sensors
High-Directivity SWR Auto Testers & Bridges
Coaxial Connector to > 110 GHz

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