How do you lose weight during this Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic ?  Is it the face mask, the diet, the distancing or discipline?  Maybe it’s the SUM of it all or some of it?

More importantly, how do you lose weight and pay less on your shipping?  This is a frequently asked question. 

Let me refer to food as an example.

When I lived in Taiwan, I delighted in very delicious Taiwanese food.  When in Hong Kong, I enjoyed dim sum, typically considered Cantonese although other varieties exist. 

These delicious, small bite sized portions of food are served in a small steamer.   Let’s call them “parcels” similar to shipping boxes, parcels or other items. 

The steamer is like the outer packaging, pallet or crate that you are shipping.  Got it?

In this case, the dimensions (DIMs) of your small parcels, pallets or crates are critical.  

Your rate is based on a formula involving the SUM of several dimensions or the “DIM Sum” as I say.  They are an important factor when calculating your Billable Weight.

If your parcels are too big or unusually long, then you will pay the dimensional weight (if higher) regardless of the actual weight.  See our previous article on dimensional weight.

Lose Weight Fast – Check your Waist

Getting back to food…One way to lose weight is to eat less, right?  Actually, put less in!  The same for boxes is true.  Put less in and your shipping costs will be lower.  

Of course sometimes this is not possible.  That’s where we come in to help.

Another option is to ship 2 (or more) boxes instead of one very large (heavy) one.  This option of course depends on the DIMs of the boxes.  

If you’re below the over-sized limits, you will actually save money as opposed to being assessed with an expensive over-sized fee. 

We call this DIM’ing out  – like dining out but more expensive.

Still another method of saving money is to plan ahead and ship by a more economical method as opposed to overnight options. 

Many companies have to ship by AIR and pay a premium for the service due to poor planning.  

Remember – Time is money and as my Dad would affectionately say, “Time waits for no man”

So, save your time wrestling with boxes, pallets, parcels and figuring out DIM weights. 

Let our system calculate it for you – That way, you enjoy real savings, real DIM Sum and Lose real Weight – all at the same time! 

Take joy in the benefits of DIM SUM and let us Lose the Weightfor you – of course…