Are you tired of getting charged with all these additional fees for your Ground and Air packages? Perhaps you’re not getting overcharged – or are you?
This is a big concern for those shipping boxes on a regular basis. We see this quite often, so here’s a bit more info on why certain fees are added.
One thing is for sure – If you don’t know how to “measure” your package then it will cost more.  
Actually, you need to choose your packages carefully.   Most importantly understand the packaging rules !

Let’s start by first going on a diet to lose weight.  Some indicators are: Your waist –  Let’s be honest here …

If your pants are too tight then you’re gaining weight.  Right?
Buying a longer belt?  Or how about adding another hole in that belt so you get a bit more room?
Going to the seamstress to open up that dress? “Just a bit”….

The same applies to packages.   You may be paying MORE for your weight needlessly 

Rule number one:  Check your waist
Rule number two: Check your waste
Rule number three: Check your weight

When you ship your package you have to know the formula on how to measure your “package size”.  The length is the longest side of the package. 
The girth is like measuring your waist – It is determined by 2 times the width plus 2 times the height

Carriers use the length plus 2 times the width plus 2 times the height as your “package measurement”
If you exceed certain measurements then you will pay extra for over sized  packages.

Typically there is a lot of waste in packages and it can cost you more.   

If your “waist” is too big or the girth is then you will pay more because it will exceed the package measurements established by the carriers.  Waist adds Weight.

There are several variations within the carriers.  Below are a couple of common examples that the well known carriers have in place. 

You can ship up to 150 pounds with 108 inches in length and 165 inches in length plus girth (for ground shipments)

However, for international shipments those numbers vary up to 108 inches in length and only 130 inches in length plus girth 

Some carriers consider a “large package” when the combined number exceeds 118 inches but is less than 157 inches.  
The typical large package surcharge is between $95 and $115 per package. 
Imagine paying that much extra for just an inch or two over ? Trust me, it happens!!!

If you think that’s expensive try going over 165 inches combined. The “over maximum” surcharge is an additional $850 per package

So, you can either check your waist or check with us:  Our system takes care of it automatically.    

Don’t waste your time trying to “figure” out if your waist is oversized.