For those shipping less than a trailer load or pallets (LTL) within the US or Canada, don’t get Ouch classed ! This picture shows a pallet jack. Often, the price gets jacked up too…Here’s why.

Classification is important to understand. Anything traveling LTL within the US or Canada needs to have the proper classification. These are Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Classification is based on several factors. The classes range from 50 to 500. The higher class numbers are typically more expensive to ship.

However, if you try to beat the system and put in a lower classification you’ll get hit with an additional fine at the truck weigh stations during frequent inspections.

So when you thought you got a deal on your LTL…be like Santa Claus -he’s making a list and checking it twice…Prices get jacked up quite often for needless reasons.

We regularly see companies like yours get hit with additional accessorial fees that are hundreds of dollars extra on LTLs !

The biggest problem is you probably never even know it because it happens after the load is delivered and accounting ends up with the bill !

Better still…Contact us so you won’t be Ouch classed or worse – Price Jacked !