So you wanna ship your cargo by sea and save money versus flying it by air?

The problem is that there is less “ocean capacity” because the ships now have to get retrofitted with (exhaust) scrubbers to reduce the sulfur emissions.  

Less sulfur will improve air quality.  

The other option is to burn a higher quality fuel which is more costly.

Ships burn “bunker” oil which is a heavy fuel oil derived from the crude oil distillation process.  This crude oil contains sulfur which ultimately ends up in the atmosphere after being burned by the ships’ engines

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel emissions regulations took effect on January 1, 2020.  The limit for sulfur in fuel oil used on ships is 0.5%

In emission control areas also known as ECAS, the percentage is 0.1% as dictated by the IMO.  

There are presently four areas designated:

The Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the US Caribbean Sea around Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands as well as the North American area covering coastal US and Canada

Ultimately, there are less ocean vessels available until they are retrofitted.  Times vary but are in the months, hence leaving less ocean vessels available to move your cargo.  The only other alternative is by AIR especially when time is critical.  We’ll help you with the best option.

So you wanna fly it instead?   Contact us so your Ship doesn’t Happen to you.