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The content is strictly for informational purposes and reliance on any information provided on our site (whether verbally or implied) our emails, and/or any communication verbally, expressed and/or inferred, implied or in writing, via phone or other format electronically, digitally and/or hard copy is solely at your own risk.  Buyer agrees and will not hold DGL Logistics, LLC liable for use or misuse of the aforementioned products and or services for any reason whatsoever, and any legal matters will be subject to the Jurisdiction and Laws of the State of North Carolina, USA except where legally prohibited by law.


DGL Logistics, LLC is not responsible for errors or omissions. No one is perfect. Any website can contain typos and other errors.  In an ever-changing field like medicine, shipping, logistics (and others) there are always new studies and findings.  Even with multiple proofreaders, it’s hard to maintain content that’s got up-to-the-minute information that is error free.


DGL Logistics, LLC and its affiliates, sales teams, authorized representatives, resellers, make no representation or warranty that its products will provide 100% protection against the following contact or exposure to COVID-19 corona virus, contaminants or blood, or eliminate the risk of contracting diseases of any nature.  Buyer acknowledges that employers, purchasers, hospitals and clinics of these items are required by OSHA to evaluate the task and type of exposure albeit present or anticipated and then must select the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that reduces the exposure to any employee(s), sub-contractor, visitor and/or end user to potential hazards and or infectious diseases that may or may not choose to use the aforementioned PPE products.


Return Policy:  

Due to the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic, all PPE products are non refundable, non returnable. This policy is to prevent contamination as our customers’ health is our main concern.  All sales are final regardless of payment method.

A restocking fee of 25% plus return shipping fees applies to all items we authorized as returnable items.  All returns for non PPE must have prior approval and a return authorization number to be accepted.  DGL Logistics, LLC reserves the right to refuse any refund or request for returns of the above-mentioned items whether listed on this website or not.

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